20 Most Innovative Real Estate Companies and Tech Startups

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By Author: Nazar Kvartalnyi

The real estate industry drives positive economic changes all around the world. For this reason, it is only essential that it tries to follow digitalization. Real estate businesses engage in automating their services. And, innovating them per any need.

Finances Online show 93% of realtors are in for digital ways of communication. And 85% of residential companies use MLS daily. But, 48% of firms face the challenges of keeping up with the pace of the tech progress. Why is it hard for them to adjust? How fast does real estate excel these days?

So, there is a need to understand what features disrupt the world’s property market. To do so, let’s explore:

What are the most innovative real estate companies for today?
Are there any real estate tech startups worth mentioning?
How do companies approach real estate innovation challenges?
Why real estate technology companies should implement technologies?

Today, we live in a world where Millenials set the course of everything. Millennials are tech-savvy users that use technologies to meet their needs. And, they appear to be quite a large segment of the market. So, basically, companies should implement technologies to meet the segment’s needs. Firms stay relevant for as long as they have innovative business ideas. Transformation is innevitable.

By 2025, the Real estate management software market is to reach $12.89 billion
The CRM software market is to grow at a CAGR of 5%
MLS is in use by 85% of residential companies at present
Investment in real estate technologies will increase according to 43% of industry experts
More than 40% of Millenials go online to receive any information
90% of real estate businesses have a web application

Thus, the most common technologies used are online visualizations of property. Also, multiple listings software (MLS), CRM software, filters, and more. See what’s common in real estate software development here.

The world’s most innovative real estate tech companies

Let’s find out where the most innovative proptech companies are located.

United States
1. iamHOM

Acquired by Hello Alfred, HOM is a USA-based provider of amenities. It partners with office and residential properties. It is located in NYC and counts up to 50 employees. Technologies they use in their services are HTML5, Google Analytics, jQuery, 11 total. The total funding amount for the company is $375 000.

2. Buildium

Real Page acquired Buildium. It is a cloud-based property management company. It provides software to landlords and others. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and includes up to 100 employees. Technologies they use are HTML5, Google Analytics, jQuery, 37 total. The amount of funding for the company is $65 million.

3. Opendoor

Opendoor is an online real estate marketplace operator. It aims at streamlining the process of selling and, also, buying homes. It is located in San Francisco, California. It has up to 1000 employees. The technologies they use are 68 in total. These include HTML5, Google Analytics, Google Fonts as Crunchbase highlights. The total amount of funding is $1.9 billion.

4. Open Listings

Open Listings was acquired by Opendoor. It is mentioned above. Open Listings is an application deployed specifically to allow homebuying. With its help, you can buy homes as easily as possible. What’s more, these homes are considered to be affordable for everyone. The company counts up to 100 employees and locates in Los Angeles, California. The total amount of funding for Open Listings is $7.6 million. The technologies they use are 48 total, and HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery.

5. Enertiv

Enertiv focuses mostly on commercial and multifamily buildings. Using data as an asset the company enhances commercial portfolios in real estate. And, this way, makes building operations quicker. The company is located in New York. It has up to 50 employees. The total amount of funding is $7.7 million. The technologies they use are HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery – 32 in total.

United Kingdom
6. Reposit

There’s a tenancy deposit system that exists in the UK. Reposit is an online means to engage with the system. What does it do exactly? It makes real estate affordable for tenants. And, also, ensures landlords about extra security measures. It is located in London and consists of 50 employees. The total amount of funding counts £ 1.5 million.

7. Purplebricks

Purplebricks is a real estate agent in the UK. The company functions online. It helps clients in selling, buying, and letting their properties. It is located in Solihull and counts up to 100 employees. The total funding for Purplebricks is $245.5 million. The company uses numerous technologies. These are HTML5, HTML5, and Google Analytics, and 23 others.

8. No Agent Property

No Agent Property is online for sale by owner application providing services. It has 20 years of experience. The company assists both businesses and owners to sell their properties. What’s more, customers have saved lots of dollars due to 0% commission. It’s great to sell your property without an agent. And, more than a couple of thousand properties have been leased or sold with this company. Their tech stack has 18 technologies, some of which are HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery.

9. Foyr

Foyr is a software company specializing in cloud visualization. So, basically, they make designs for real estate properties with their innovative software. It is located in Singapore, the Central Region. The company has up to 100 employees and a total sum of funding of $9.7 million. The technologies used are also HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, and 28 more.

10. VR Listing

This is a real estate company located in Canada. The company has a big focus on present innovative technologies. What are their services? VR Listing delivers solutions for real estate agents. And, also, for the other real estate industry segments. Also, they focus on the development of interactive technologies that are state of art. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario. The company has less than 25 employees. And, it receives less than $5 million of annual revenue.

What are the innovative real estate tech startups of today?

How do you think, what are the property technology startups of today? Let’s describe some of the most interesting and innovative real estate startups. Scroll down and get all the info!

United States
11. Triplemint

Triplemint is among property tech startups that have a goal. It is to make buyers, sellers and renters receive a better real estate experience. It is located in New York and consists of almost 250 employees. They use 24 technologies, among which there are HTML5, Google Analytics, jQuery. The total funding reports $19.3 million.

12. Fundrise

Fundrise is one of the real estate technology startups. It is based on market investment. It allows investing alternatively in stock and bonds. It has a fairly low price and a direct private investment scheme. Located in Washington, District of Columbia, it enumerates up to 250 employees. And, works with 32 technologies. Some of them are HTML5, Google Analytics, jQuery. The total funding amount is $355.5 million.

13. Rentberry

Rentberry is providing tenants and landlords with services of rental and price negotiation. So, it is a rental service web platform and among property startups. It is located in San Francisco, California. The employees working for the company are up to 50 people. The total sum of funding for Rentberry is $8.8 million. Their tech stack has HTML5, Google Analytics, and Google Fonts. And 31 other technologies.

14. Compstak

CompStak startup aims at gathering commercial real estate data. This data is being shared with investors, brokers, asset managers, and appraisers. It is located in New York, consists of 50 employees. Its funding is $30.9 million and the tech stack includes 72 technologies. Also, they use HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery.

15. Roofstock

Roofstock is a web marketplace startup. It allows investing in leased one-family homes that are for rental purposes. These services are transparent and low-friction. The company is located in Oakland, California. It counts up to 250 employees at present. The total funding of Roofstock is $132.3 million. Their tech stack includes HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery, and 49 other tools.

16. Rentroom

Rentroom is a startup that is meant for the next-gen society. It uses innovative techniques and tools. And, provides software for both property owners and tenants. It is located in New york. Its office counts up to 10 employees. But the total amount of funding is $10 million. The tech stack they use is various and per client needs.

17. HelloWorld Technologies India

This company is a startup that is a student living and co-living entity. It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The total funding is about $10 million. Their tech stack has HTML5, Google Analytics, and Google Fonts. And other 12 technologies.

United Kingdom
18. Hubble

Hubble is a startup. It offers hybrid workplaces a platform for searching, setting up, and management purposes. It is located in London, England with 100 employees on board. The company uses 37 technologies, including HTML5, Google Analytics, and Google Fonts. The total amount of funding is $12.3 million.

19. Kzas.AI

Kzas.AI is one of the ai startups with an innovative web platform. This platform matches real buyers with real properties that exist on the market. How? With the help of AI algorithm starting from search. It is located in São Paulo, Sao Paulo. And, the company has up to 100 employees. Their total funding amount is $5 million. And, they use various technologies.

20. Bellman

Bellman is among the top real estate startups. It offers property managers valuable tech services. These managers are able to provide property owners with fast and transparent services. Ballman is located in Paris, Ile-de-France. It has up to 50 employees. It also has a funding of $19.5 million and its unique tech stack.

Tips and tricks of the real estate technology companies

What does it take to be the most innovative real estate companies? And use all the biggest market opportunities? It is vital to remember the following concepts:

1. Get to know your audience via market research

If you have no clue how to make research, leave it to experts. For instance, there is a discovery phase service. It will make a comprehensive analysis of your business idea. In the end, you will have all the information, documentation, and a detailed business plan. There are no risks, no money wastage, and correctly defined timeframes.

2. Understand your customers’ needs and digitalize them per customers’ convenience

What do your customers want you to help them with? Sell a property, buy one in urban cities or anywhere else? Or, maybe, to lease a property? Do they want you to offer them a special filtering search, or a multiple listings service (MLS)? Keep in mind that the more you know the better services you will offer. And, this will make you among the top real estate tech companies.

3. Apply AI and Big Data technologies to make your web app smarter

With the help of AI and Big Data, you can provide a filter-based search for your clients. And, also, make it possible to match customers with the most suitable properties. Also, analyzing a large scope of data will give you insights. Mainly, on what type of property your clients are looking for, etc. Sounds amazing and smart indeed.

4. Design your product according to user-friendliness and usability principles

Even if your product is functional, it should meet the real estate design and be usable for the end-users. That means, your site has to be laconic, with easy navigation and page logic. Clients like pages that are simple and convenient to use. Stick to that rule and benefit from simplicity.

5. Integrate CRM, MLS, and other important real estate technologies

It is impossible to think of a real estate services website without an integrated system. Be it a customer management system for employees, an MLS, or a payment gateway for customers. Additional features will give your clients the convenience of use. And these extra services are considered innovative. That’s what real estate technology companies try to implement. And doing so they stay on top of their competitors.

Consider Inoxoft your trusted partner

Inoxoft is an international software development company. We are among the innovative real estate tech companies. We are here to help you enhance your real estate business.

What do we offer?

1. A data-driven decision-making

Having a business intelligence strategy companies structure data, visualize and implement effective insights.

2. Advanced analytics

We use our big data analytics services to help you with tracking your potential clients. And, also transform client feedback into pleasant, and user-friendly experiences.

3. Risk monitoring

We deploy efficient CRM platforms for you. Analyze the target market, and forecast possible solutions and future trends.

4. Tech-Driven Competitive Advantage

Real estate is a competitive industry. So, companies, who adjust to innovations produce better value for potential clients. For example, see our ios app development guide.

5. Optimization

The custom CRM software we deliver can increase data security. It speeds up the internal processes, optimizes sales and marketing funnels. And, reduces operational costs.

Choose our custom mobile application development, and custom web development services! And, Inoxoft will deploy a top-notch real estate solution per your needs!. Don’t hesitate and contact our experts right away. We can enhance your business’ potential by 100%. Because we care about it as much as you do!

Final thoughts

Real estate is a major industry that adds to the economic growth of every country. Startups and companies literally “fight” for their customers’ attention. That’s why they propose newer and more innovative ways of property management. These innovations become the next-gen software that accelerates the growth of the industry. The more companies want to meet human needs with their solutions the more they discover!


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