3 Tips for Better Fund Management

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By Author: Avendus Group

Be it an established organization, a startup which has recently received funding, or an individual, managing funds is very important. While earning money is the biggest driver for someone to work, how you end up managing all that money is paramount as well. There are plenty of ways to handle wealth management, some more useful than others, albeit a bit more time consuming and not inexpensive. The question, then, is what’s more important for you, saving money in credit management process or investing your money properly. While you need a proper money management firm to handle your wealth, there certainly are a few tips you can follow to make sure that you properly manage and invest all the money you’re earning, and your assets. It is worth noting that apart from your money, managing your assets (investment binds, funds et al.) is also as important. So, here are a few tips you can follow to keep a check on your spending’s, savings, and money in general!

Always track the money you’re spending:
This is a thumb rule for anyone who is serious about managing their funds. As the saying goes, “money saved is money earned.” You need to be a detective to your own spending habits. Nobody is asking you to not spend money or be a miser. It is all about keeping a check and managing your monthly expenses while keeping in mind how much money you want to save. Fund management is all about managing your expenses, with respect to how much you earn.

Have your priorities set:
Before you take on any sort of budgeting project board, it’s important to chalk out your priorities. What is it that you want out of this fund management exercise? It’s simple. All you need to do is align your money goals with your money habits! Right after you spend all the money on the essentials, list down things that are not priorities, but you would like to pump in some money into it. For a company, it could be an extra employee engagement activity, while for an individual it could be shiny new recliner chair.

Try to stick to a plan:
When all is said and done, the most important part of a plan, is sticking to it. Make your credit management plan as the gospel truth and then adhere to it. Make sure you have wiggle room in your financial plan and don’t bring yourself down if you spend a little extra on something else. It is fine. The idea is to always try and meet your savings aim. This means that you have the freedom to improvise when it comes to the spending part of it. Also, always keep your priorities in sight while spending or saving. If you’re saving up for something that is an absolute necessity, then you need to be more strict and rigid with your spending’s. If it is a luxury you’re saving up for, then you can cut yourself some slack.


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