Budgeting for Entertainment: How to Have Enough Money for Fun

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By Author: Daniel Stewart

Personal finance isn’t the most exciting subject in the world, but when you have your finances in order you can have more guilt-free fun. The key is to make a budget, find out what money you have for fun spending, and then find sneaky ways to save on your entertainment costs. Not only will this maximize the amount of entertainment you can get out of your budget, you won’t feel bad about spending the money later. Read on to find some great tips, as well as our suggestion for a budget app to help you save up.

Going to the Movies

Going to the movies can be pretty expensive, especially when you buy snacks, pay for IMAX, or pay for 3D.

The best way to save money on movies is to go to a matinee showing, when tickets are cheaper. Also, if you skip that IMAX or 3D upcharge and watch it in normal format, you can save a lot of money there too. Many movie theatre chains may even offer a reward program you can take advantage of.

Enjoying a Live Event

If you enjoy concerts, music festivals, and sports games, you know how expensive a ticket can be. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can save. For shows and festivals, you can try to get early bird tickets by signing up for an email list or free fan club. Early bird tickets are often a bit cheaper than the standard ticket release. You could also always go for the cheaper seats if you don’t mind being a little further away. Some music festivals even offer volunteer programs where you sign up to work the festival and they give you free tickets in return for your hours worked.

Use a Budget App

Perhaps one of the best ways to get your entertainment budget in order is by utilizing a budget app. You can set up savings goals so you can do the things you want most without worrying so much about the money. Cleo is a great budget app that can help you tracks spending, save up money, give you financial advice, and much more. Make sure to download it if you want more money to do the things you love.


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