EMI And Payback For Home Loans And Personal Loans

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By Author: Fayeem

Home loan is a dream for most of the people. Without the right knowledge, it becomes tough and so is getting a personal loan. The interest rates of most banks are around 11.50% of the principal amount. We one of the reasons for the increase in interest rates is due to loan payment time elongation. There are different types of interest-based on the service we choose from the bank.

The fixed interest is one of the benefits provided by the bank in which the EMI is constant throughout the tenure. It does not change with time, and this may be the disadvantage of this type of loan. The advantage is, you will know the amount you should pay. So there is no unnecessary worrying about the EMI.

The floating interest can save your amount of EMI if you’re lucky enough. The floating EMI changes concerning the market rates. It will reduce the EMI if the prices are supporting you, but if it is vice versa, then you have to pay an increased interest rate.

So both have their advantage and disadvantages. You must choose which kind of interest rates you are going with. It relies on you and you should make a move according to your choice.

Usually, there are no benefits in I-T for personal loans or emergency loan online. If you’re renovating a house, then you will be applicable for the I-T deduction concerning the interest amount and not the principal amount. This deduction is applicable under article 24, and this is only for house renovation and nothing else.

Some people will use home loans for renovation, and they should be careful before choosing it. There is a benefit in taking an instant personal loan for this purpose. But there should be proper records for doing house renovation if you try to do any illegal activity with I-T. Then you will be punished under specific laws for offending I-T.

At that time, the usage of personal loan will be a wise choice. The personal loans are certainly less interest than a credit card. They can also be sanctioned within one week from applied time. If we have a clean profile, then the approval of the application can be done in only two days. So you don’t have to worry about credit card payments.


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