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By Author: Fayeem

The rate of houses is increasing and reaching the skies. This puts a barrier between your dream of owning or having a house. However, your dream can come true through borrowing money from a top financial institution and reputed bank. Thus, this made getting home loan much more comfortable. It would help if you had little assistance from any of the experienced or senior economic advisors to apply for the loan. At reputed banks, you confront a good Home Loan verification list. You need to fill the form; instead, you can use it online. Without any clarification or doubts, you can have the money in the account instantly.

Home Loan Types

Construction Composite Loan

Construction composite and plot loans are valid if you have identifiable land and decided to construct a house on it. It may range over 1-20 years.

Loan For Land Purchase

Loan for land purchase is availed on plots that got allocated directly. It may include transferring loans to a financial institution/another bank. The payment can spread up to 15 years based on scheme, personal profile, etc.

Loan For Purchase Of Home

Loan for purchase of home includes closing costs and down payments. It gets extended, ranging to 30 years. The down payment covers up to 3-20 percent. You will require a credit score of around 580 to avail benefits of a home purchase.

Loans For House Construction

It may range from 1-20 years. It extends up to 30 years. They are applicable for building on a lease/freehold plot by development authority.

Extension Or House Expansion Loans

This loan is valid if you plan to extend the current residence capacity. While applying for the loan, the owner must be co-applicant. Its tenure ranges up to 1-20 years in monthly EMIs.


It’s a mortgage helping program that got initiated by the government in suburban or rural areas. With no down payment option, it offers mortgage.

Home Loan Eligibility

There are certain factors on which it is decided whether you are eligible for a loan or not. Some of them are assets, liabilities, credit score, repayment capacity, job stability, income bracket, educational qualification, and age. Any other outstanding loan can lessen the chances of getting an instant personal loan. So, keep track of your salary package and pay for the eligibility. You are allowed to apply for a joint loan if any of the spouses has a definite source of income. It thus brings down tenure of the loan.
That’s beneficial.


You no longer have to worry about saving money for building your house under financial stress. It is because today there are tons of reputed banks as well as institutions available that are ready to pay you a loan. It may come with regular promotional floating interest rates depending on the applicant’s salary. The type of charges is loan statement charge, penal interest, processing fees, principal charges, and EMI bounce charge. However, emergency loans have other specifications compared to an instant personal loan. So, when you find which bank meets your needs, you can apply for the loan online and access the payment.


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