How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work for a Small Business?

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By Author: Sara Bond

First of all, it needs to be understood that a merchant cash advance is not the typical loan we all know. As the name implies, it is an advance that a person gets from the lender in exchange for the business’s future debit and credit card sales. It is nothing unnatural for a company to come across a tight financial situation when it needs capital to further its business goals and interests. Amongst the various funding options in contemporary times, the merchant cash advance is a popular one because it helps many small companies to expand their business.

The advantages of MCA or Merchant Cash Advance for a small business

One of the advantages of MCA is that it provides upfront cash to the borrower and gets the repayment through future credit and debit business sales on an agreed amount. People who are in business for a long time usually have received at least one phone call regarding the merchant cash advance finance option.
The approval process of a merchant cash advance is very easy. It is nothing less than a seamless process that is dependent on the history of the credit receipts to check if the borrower is able to return the money. Having said that, it is also a useful finance option for companies who have a poor credit history. In such case, the poor credit history influence will impact on the conditions of the payment.
Also, the speed of funding is very fast, after the approval process you will get the funds within 24 hours, some lending company delivers the fund within hours. Hence, you will get the cash very fast. This is a good thing for business owners as they do not have to wait for the long duration process, which often becomes a problem to meet the investment goals.
The other advantage of MCA is that there is little or no paperwork at all when it comes to processing the payment. Hence, it decreases the wait time as well as increases the turnaround time simultaneously.
The approval rates of merchant cash advance are very high; therefore it is good news for the struggling business owners who find it difficult to get a bank loan. In other words, the high approval rates ensure that there are higher chances of securing the capital they need. Since entire credit history is not required, businesses can secure a loan without much hindrance. Often, the economy goes through a bad situation, which affects the businesses to a high degree. In such scenarios, many people develop bad credit because of various factors, including those to save the company.

Therefore, if your business needs fast capital, no other lending options are better than a merchant cash advance. The process of approval is also quick compared to other business loans; hence it is the best lending option without any doubt.


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