How I escaped the war and became a financial influencer: True success of Shadi Mashkok

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By Author: Grand Capital

Everyone knows plenty of success stories. Sometimes they seem distinct and unreal: Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Philip Fisher, and so on. It’s hard to believe them. Their stories depress rather than inspire.
We want to tell you a story of a casual success. A path of a person who tried investing and discovered his trading creed. His name is Shadi Mashkok — nowadays an experienced investor and financial influencer.
He disclosed his entire way — from escaping the war to his today’s passion — that even makes him a living.

In a gilded cage

Shadi Mashkok was born in Russia. At the age of 6, his family moved to Syria, the homeland of his father, a government official. Seemingly, everything was there. He could safely enjoy his wealthy leisured life. But he wanted to study and work instead.

He couldn’t. Why?

In Arabic culture, it is considered prestigious not to work.

“My father has been insisting I would never work for the Man. He told me: “I would let you work if you were someone like a general manager. Otherwise — I won’t”.”

In 2009, he separated from his parents and decided to open a cellular phone shop with his friend. At the same time, he earned some money as a ghostwriter, making diplomas for students.

2011. The war in Syria began.

“Businesses started to shut down, the supply chain broke. After all, thousands were dying. Things got so bad that many even doubted whether they would live or not, not to mention our small shop. ”

He lived in Syria for another couple of years, but it couldn’t last long.

“I had to immigrate. It was a matter of life, not money or comfort already. ”

Immigration to the homeland

What is it like to be a stranger in your home country? I was about to learn that.

He came to Russia with Syrian documents. He didn’t know the Russian language. Worked as a steward on tennis courts and a waiter in a cafe.

“Sometimes I worked 4 days without sleep in a row. Then I could earn 50,000 rubles (approx. $600) a month and it was quite recently (5 years ago). These were some tough times ”

In 2019, Shadi realized he would not be able to live a happy life. It couldn’t continue this way. He had some money saved up and started studying Forex trading during this period.

Trading: Expectations vs Reality

He started to gain experience. The first steps were kind of… clumsy.

“You know, I am grateful for my mistakes and experience! If I don’t lose my money, I won’t earn more in the future.”

Anyone today can open an account and make deals. There are even paid channels that give trade ideas that might work out. Sooner or later, without knowledge and experts, every trader will end up losing all the money. That’s why it is crucial to understand the risks. The best way is to contact an expert.

Shadi wasn’t different from a common novice trader: he dug for any information on the internet.

“I saw that the market was moving. With the first deal, I somehow made $10 just in a minute. Then, not being familiar with money and risk management in forex markets, I placed $1,000 into the account, and… the market started moving in the opposite direction. So, I lost my entire deposit after 2 days. I thought I could start trading without finishing my training. Therefore, after another lost deposit, I turned to a broker.”

Even the smallest steps move you forward

“Is it difficult to learn trading from scratch? No, it’s not. All the necessary materials are already on the internet. You don’t need to be a graduated mathematician! All the numbers will be calculated automatically in front of you.”

To maintain risks, every amateur trader should be savvy to the market and contact a broker that you trust

Finding a trusted broker

A broker is needed to provide a reliable platform. A platform where you can apply all your knowledge quickly and efficiently. Yes, it is possible to open an account yourself. But you need a broker to be able to ask a question.

“I was in search of a broker and a platform for a very long time sifting through a bunch of sources with reviews, ratings, weighing all the pros and cons. I’ve chosen Grand Capital — people were telling how its customer support helped them and what advantages this broker provides. So, I wanted to try it with Grand Capital. ”

Mr. Mashkok realized that working with brokers helps him avoid tons of mistakes. It’s not enough to watch a couple of videos, open an account, register, and use analytics provided by an unbiased expert to ask their opinion.

“You must learn how to analyze the market yourself and only compare your results with the experts’ reviews. ”

High time to embrace new thinking

After several months of trading, Shadi didn’t feel investment was his vocation.

“Investments are just an additional source of income for me. The real business started when I came across the broker’s affiliate program. When working with partners, I can share my vision with them. This changes the whole experience. ”

“This gave me a sense of the importance of my knowledge and my experience. I realized that I could manage risks and help people change their lives. ”

Leadership is influence

Every novice trader needs to have two accounts: one for private life and the second for work.

It was in 2019. Shadi immediately made Telegram and Instagram accounts. «I understood that it was necessary to come up with a unique name for my pages to stand out from the competitors». That’s how the “Shadio Challenge” appeared. At first, he wrote to his friends and his siblings to recommend his pages where he posted information about the market.

“I gained the first 300-400 subscribers. But, after a few weeks of active posting, the numbers stayed still.”

Therefore, he asked Grand Capital for cross-posting.

“The first thing we did was to place an advertisement in the telegram of the broker Grand Capital. This crossing brought a large number of customers. Worth noticing that if you do not have content or the content is not suitable for the audience, then you should not wait for an increase of subscribers.”

Step by step, everything started to work out.

“It turned out that my partners had their channels, pages. Our whole team was developing.”

As my partners began to mention my pages, people saw me as a reputable partner, advised by a broker with a name.

Make yourself your own boss

What does it mean to manage other people’s money and earn from them?

“When I was a regular trader, I always searched for deposits, borrowed money from friends, and took loans. When I became a partner, I was looking for people who were interested in earning money. I brought in these people and got income from them. It’s in my interest to help people, not to raise money – this job is not network marketing. Network marketing attracts money. The Grand Capital affiliate program implies interaction with the client, while a client trades and earns. As a partner, I also earn. To earn more, you have to assemble a team that interacts with you.”

How has Shadi managed to find them? His partners were taking their first steps in financial markets. In conversation, they mentioned that they had a friend, a brother who also wanted to start trading.

“I suggested to him, “Let’s open an affiliate account and you earn money because people trade through you.”
Many were surprised that you can earn money without investing anything. However, in this business, it is enough to invest only your time. ”

“At some point, I realized that I had already formed a large team. This is a job that brings more fun and money. You are like the head of your department who is recruiting staff and controlling your own time.”

Investment is the next big thing

Back in time people first heard about electronic money or cryptocurrency. No one believed it. People thought that these were childrens’ toys. Investing in crypto seemed foolish. But not much time has passed and now we see how the situation around cryptocurrency has changed. Many people would like to time travel to 2011 to buy up as much bitcoin as possible. It is important to understand that the world of virtual money is not moving so fast, but it is very profitable. There are a lot of people who consider crypto as a type of investment, but you should understand that not everyone can be trusted. Investing in stocks is a long-term type of investment.

“If you trade with a reliable broker with a support team, then you will increase your profit eventually. My choice was Grand Capital because it provides the best conditions for trading in the stock market.”

Prediction #1
Now we have new cryptocurrency mining farms. A lot of attention is paid to Nvidia video cards right now, so I recommend investing in this company.

Prediction #2
The second option is medical companies that produce vaccines on omicron. Now the topic of health is very urgent and therefore a large influx of investments is directed specifically to pharmacy


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