How to Buy Shares in a Company?

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The stock market is a huge financial place to invest in funds and get good market returns. Investors buy and sell the shares of the company they are interested in and then, with their market knowledge and understanding, make informed decisions. When trading in the stock market, many wonder about which company to invest in and how they decide on buying the shares?

The article focuses on these aspects of the stock market and on buying shares in companies. Trading in the stock market requires deciding how many shares should be bought for a good profit. A trader can buy equity or preference shares, whichever they want to, and have various rights in the company.

We hope the article will be of great help to get the answers to such trading questions. Let’s understand stock market trading from a different perspective.

How to Buy Shares?

To buy the shares, traders need to first know the stock market, and most of us have heard the name somewhere or other. The introduction part has stated the stock market and what it does. But, a stock market is an old market that trades through stock exchanges and has fixed hours of investing. Within that time, traders can buy or sell the shares of companies they want or monitor the positions.

The stock exchanges or brokers have information on shares and the companies investing. Traders can acquire the information and use it to trade in the market. The companies sell their stock to expand their business or any other growth reason. Traders or shareholders buy these shares or trade them to earn profit from the price fluctuations of the market.

The stock market is a volatile market, and thus prices of shares keep fluctuating. How do I buy shares in a company is simple and quick; for a trader to buy the shares, they have to follow the given process:

The first step is to open a trading account with an online broker; the broker should be regulated and have the instrument that the investors want to trade.

The second step is to deposit funds in the account to begin trading. The funds should be as per the requirement of the trader.

The third step is to download the trading platform and install it to execute the order. Traders go to the tool and open the order type to buy the shares.

Here, the trader searches for the shares they want to invest in/ the companies investing. Then they have to put in the number of shares to be bought and execute their order.

With this simple process, traders can buy the shares and monitor them with the trading platform or mobile app.

Best Company to Invest

The stock market or stock exchanges have many companies listed with them to help investors select the one that they find appropriate. Some have public companies, some private or both depending on their services. Traders can buy the shares of companies through online brokers or stock exchanges directly.

Here, we have the list of the best companies to invest in and the answer to which company to invest in to earn good market profits. The key points that are necessary for traders to look into for selecting their company to invest in:

The fundamentals of the company are essential for trading decisions. Traders should check the earning per share(EPS), price to earnings ratio (PE), price to book ratio (PBV), debt to equity ratio, return on equity (ROE), price to sales ratio (P/S), current ratio, and dividend. All these should be watched for a time period of five years.

Understanding of a company’s products/services, the company offers products or services, and if these have high market demand and good share, then traders can expect a growth in their share value, so it is essential to look for them.

Future of the products/services, this is the third important point traders should check for earning high profits. If the products/services of the company have a good market share for 15 to 20 years, then investors will surely make good returns.
Competitors of the company and their market capitalization along with their future and development in coming years. This will help the trader in analyzing the market and whether their company has a good growth rate or not when compared to other companies.

A debt of the company is necessary to be known. It is the liability of the company that they are required to pay. It should be low and not too big.

Management of the company should be efficient and qualified; this indicates that it is in safe hands and would have excellent ideas for development.

Once all these factors are looked at and compared, the traders can decide which company to invest in. Some of the best company to invest right now in the stock market are:

CF Industries
Cheniere Energy

Traders can invest in these companies as they hold a good market position and have a great growth rate in the near future.


Stock market trading requires expertise as the market is volatile and thus needs an understanding of the market in-depth for earning. The article has discussed the best company to invest in and how to buy shares? Traders can analyze the factors listed in the article to know whether the company selected by them is efficient enough to invest.

Buying shares in companies is not an easy task and requires market expertise and experience in the stock market. One cannot randomly jump in; thus, traders should use the brokers’ services to predict the market then make their decisions for a beneficial investment.


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