How to get No Credit Check Loans Credited in a Day

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By Author: Novlik Nisudan

Are you looking for a loan in an emergency? Do you need money to be credited to you as early as the market can provide, without having a pre-approved loan like a credit card loan available as an option? If this is your situation, most roads shall point you towards the popular and still growing, “No Credit Check loans”.

In this article, we shall discuss not just how to get No Credit Check loans quickly such that they credit to you within a day, but also shall guide you about the risks involved and ways to reduce risks to the optimum lowest for your scenario.

Being a legitimate lender with industry-wide accepted best practices, we shall also help you understand how your application time and amount should be judged, for best results from not just us but any trustworthy direct lender in the market. For easy reference and further steps, we shall be sharing links to our own website that help you with the next step in your loan borrowing process.

What are No Credit Check Loans & Where to Find Them
If you’ve landed on this article, you probably have some knowledge already about what credit score is, so we shall just share a simplified definition of it in a way that a reader of this article can use to understand it. Credit scores are maintained in most countries for all adults. These are scores maintained via tracking credit-related transactions which aim to represent the credit health of an individual that is used by lenders, employers, insurance companies and a few other entities, to understand certain aspects of your financial health. Credit Score is simply a numeric representation of one’s credit health and a higher score represents a healthy credit history.

Much like the name would suggest, a no credit check loan is a personal loan (usually a payday loan from a non-bank direct lender) product where the lender performs no hard credit check (unlike a conventional or a bank loan) or simply no credit check and the benefit of this is two-pronged. Firstly, the credit score as per the rating system does not matter. Secondly, the loan process becomes fairly quicker due to the simplification of the process.

The safety of a loan with no credit check is maintained in a different way from the conventional loan. The typical credit check is instead replaced by a brief yet relevant and current financial check. While the credit rating system considers a whole long past, this system simply takes the borrower’s income, its stability and at times also outstanding debts into consideration while estimating the amount of loan one should be eligible to attain.

Such loans are provided by direct lenders – online, through pawn shops or via brokers who deal with direct lenders. The online loans are the ones most in demand these days due to easy accessibility and easier verifiability of the lender reputation and legitimacy. Our Same Day Loans with No Credit Check are an example of such a loan.

What Makes No Credit Check Loans Right for Emergencies
By their nature and as an advantage thereof, loans that skip the credit check, are bound to be fast loan products. Not conducting a thorough credit check does save time. To add to this, the fact that only non-bank direct lenders provide these loans means that the paperwork, formalities and many other time taking issues typically are avoided. Hence such loans tend to be amongst the fastest loan options in the lending marker.

Another advantage is that such loans are available to a broad number of borrowers. Over 40% of adults residing in the US do not have a great credit history. Getting emergency loans from banks is simply out of the question and No Credit Check loans are the only formal lending options easily attainable and dependable on, given the high rate of acceptance of these loans.

These factors make them ideal for emergency situations that call for small, short term borrowing.

However, it is important to note here that in any situation of emergency, it shall still remain essential to verify the legitimacy of your loan lender prior to going ahead with applying for a loan and sharing your personal data with them.

What is the Risk in No Credit Check Loans
Loans always come with a risk associated to them. Since No Credit Check loans are designed to skip a fairly vital step of the typical loan lending process, these are riskier than many other loan products the market has to offer.

To understand what adds to making the right choice of taking a No Credit Check Loan, one needs to understand the risks first, in order to be able to really mitigate them. The main risks with No Credit Check Loans can be:
• Legitimacy of the Lender: Since such loans are only offered by non-bank direct lenders, one needs to ensure that their direct lender is reputable and legitimate. The next section shall discuss how to mitigate this risk.
• Cost of the Loan: Since it’s a high risk offering by the lender, the returns expected are also high. This is an integral character of these loans and the only way to limit the risk this poses, is to only borrow what can be repaid in time and then ensure timely repayment of loans.
• Limited Repayment Ability & its Understanding: Whether you as a borrower would definitely be able to repay on time or not, cannot be very well judged by the lender when a complete and hard credit check is not being done. It is your responsibility to borrow only as much you can repay. If you’re unable to repay, a high interest loan can land up being quite expensive. We shall discuss this in a later section of this article.
• Expensive middlemen: Sometimes mortgage brokers are the ones connecting you to your direct lenders. There is a possibility that as middlemen, the commissions and fees they add might be too high. Dealing with trustworthy direct lenders mitigates this risk effectively.

Four Steps to Get Your No Credit Check Loan in a Day

As you look for a loan that can serve emergencies well, you may need a loan that credits within a day. A mindful approach with four main steps, can ensure that your direct lender loan with no credit check, gets to you the soonest:

1. Finding the Safest and Best Direct Lender No Credit Check Loans
A few points if kept in mind while choosing your direct lender for a loan, can lead to a safe transaction and a fair deal:
i. Look for business accreditations & registrations: Legitimate direct lenders would be registered an accredited by authorities like BBB (Best Business Bureau).

ii. Browse to ascertain online presence and reviews: In today’s market scenario, not having online presence as a business is an immediate red flag. How would the customer check reviews of other borrowers’ experience if that’s the case?

iii. Value transparency: While the state and federal authorities mandate lots of good practices, some direct lenders still exploit some loophole in the system and if you believe your lender is not being transparent enough for you to fully understand your loan and its terms, cost, interest and other details, it could be a good idea to look elsewhere.

iv. Choose reputable online direct lenders over mortgage brokers: Reputable online direct lenders with trusted services that are complemented by reviews from customers tend to be more reliable than lenders you can reach from pawn shops. That said, mortgage brokers also exist to increase your likeliness of connecting with a trustworthy lender. However, that cannot be fool-proof and the mortgage lender themselves need an income which can at times be unreasonably high. Hence dealing with them is less likely to be the right choice.

2. Keeping the Loan Requirements Ready
For offering any sort of a loan – payday or installment loan – direct lenders shall have certain basic requirements that an applicant would have to meet. At EzPaydayCash, we believe we keep it to the bare minimum requirements which are still safe, when it comes to such loans. Our requirements are:

• A bank account statement for 3 past months
• Proof of a stable income for 3 past months: pay slip or pay stub
• Bank/checking account details for deposit
• Proof of citizenship/permanent residence in the US along with proof of current address
• Age proof (18 years or older)
• Your SSN
•If you’re self-employed, you would have to prove income of minimum $1000 per month credited to your bank account(s)

Once you know you have all in order, all you need to do is head to our 3-minute


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