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We all know by now; how important it is your time and money while also making plans to ensure the future. We are marketing investment opportunities in real estate for a reputable real estate company and, will like to introduce you to their safe and profitable investment plans that would yield good returns on investment (ROI) over time.

There are three basic types of investment plans in Agriculture and Real estate. A special limited offer in increased Returns on Investment (ROI) is currently on the table, valid till the 31st of March,2021. You would enjoy these special ROI rates when you invest in any available plans within the time frame.

The investment plans include:

  1. AGROVEST: They have pepper, ginger, and turmeric farms located in Ogun state and, there are two sub-plans available which include; the 12 months and the 14 months plan.


12 Months plan => Investment capital ₦100,000

ROI @ 35% = ₦32,375

Total = ₦132,375

14 Months plan => Investment capital ₦100,000

ROI @ 41% = ₦37,925

Total = ₦137,925

12 Months plan => Investment capital ₦1,000,000

ROI @ 32% = ₦296,000

Total = ₦1,296,000

14 Months plan => Investment capital ₦1,000,000

ROI @ 38% = ₦351,500

Total = ₦1,351,500

2. BUILDVEST: You can invest in their Real estate property located in over 36 Estate locations in Nigeria. They also offer services in Land sales and Real Estate consulting, Property development, and management.


12 Months plan => Investment capital ₦250,000

ROI @ 35% = ₦80,937.50

Total = ₦ 330,937.50

=> Investment capital ₦500,000

ROI @ 32% = ₦148,000

Total = ₦648,000

3. MORGAGEVEST: This is the Company’s Mortgage Bank participatory investment scheme which enables you to own shares and receive dividends for life. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to benefit from profitable returns and become a shareholder in the company.


16 Months plan => Investment capital ₦1,000,000

ROI @ 48% = ₦444,000

Total = ₦1,444,000

=> Investment capital ₦5,000,000

ROI @ 45% = ₦2,081,250

Total = ₦7,081,250

Remember, the higher your investment, the greater your returns. The least amount you can invest in any of the above plans is ₦100,000 (One hundred thousand Naira).

Worthy of mention is another investment plan called OILVEST but, this plan is available to any investor who invests in any of the above investment plans.

If you wish to become an investor with this reputable company, contact us on 08050504763.


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