Selling a Property Successfully – A Few Effective Ways

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By Author: Aya Netanel

After experiencing steady growth for several years, the real estate market has been showing the signs of downfall due to various reasons. Real estate agents are finding it difficult to sell the listed homes for sale. Because of which property sellers are losing faith on their real estate agents. So if you too are facing such scenario, then you need to buck up and plan something unique to make the sale successful.

Check out some of the most effective ways for selling the property successfully:

As soon as you sign the listing agreement start marketing

Once you have got the contract, get to work without wasting your time.

Begin with installing your real estate sales sign. Do not forget to add your contact information to it and make sure it is prominently displayed. This will anyone passing by to know that the property is on sale and they will contact you if interested. Another way is to include your fellow agents in the process and post a sneak peek of your property listing with price and address so that they can find you buyers who are looking to move into your concerned area.

Stage your listing

As the competition in the market is fierce, staging the property is extremely essential otherwise your property will sit on the market empty for months. Home staging offers a myriad of benefits such as creates an incredible first impression in professional photos, highlights the best features of the property, lets the visiting buyer connect with the home, and many more.

Hire a professional photographer

By hiring a professional photographer who understands architecture and interiors you can create a magical impression of your home for sale. However, make sure to hire experienced and real professionals. A real professional photographer understands the layout, interior design, light and composition and not the one who carries a DSLR camera and know using Photoshop. A genuine architectural photographer is the one who moves, adjusts and places stuffs to make the picture right.

Get your listing as visible as possible

Begin with the basics i.e. publishing you listing on multiple listing service (MLS) and collaborate with major real estate platforms such as, Zillow and Trulia. Then, post your home for sale on Facebook Marketplace, use email lists to send the property to your contact list on a regular basis. Make sure to change the featured photo of your listed property periodically to attract new prospective customers. Other ways to enhance the visibility of your home for sale include open house hosting and broadcasting on Facebook and Instagram live. Virtual views of the property entices the customers more as they can ask questions and get answers in real time.


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