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If you’re running a business, you got to be prepared for several ups and downs every now and then. All this instability and state of unrest is quite natural and normal. There would sometimes be a money flow gap, but it surely won’t be something permanent. The gaps will eventually be filled, and the cash flow can be balanced out, thanks to the provision of ‘Short-term Finance’. This is explicitly beneficial when your sales cycle is longer than the schedule of your accounts payable. Short term loans are good mean to escalate working capital and manage the payable accounts. In short, this is one of the best ways to ensure timely finance for your commercial needs. Short term lenders offer short-term business loans for both existing and new business ventures, big or small. Let’s have a look at some of its main features:
The maturity period of a short-term loan is as short as 90-120 days to if 1-3 years. The time span depends entirely up on the needs and purpose of applying for financing. However, the repayment policies of these short-term finances in most banks are a little stringent. For example, if you’re taking a short-term finance for inventory purposes, the repayment is expected soon after your inventory is sold. Once the purpose of the loan is completed, there’s no way you can hold on to the money borrowed.
These loans are usually unsecured and do not require any collateral security. Also, you can issue thee only loans only on the terms of a good credit history. The application of this loan requires proper documents that showcase the history of your business cash-flow along with your payment track record. The interest rates charged on unsecured mortgages are high. What’s important is that they are usually fixed and do not tend to rise at any point.
For more attractive terms and lower interest rates, secured loans are the best to choose. These loans can be acquired against a property, home, equipment or varied accounts receivable. You must have your business plan ready before you meet the lender. You must try to impress the lender with a good plan and fetch the best possible deal. Short-term business loans offer you a fixed, lump sum of money that must be returned at any cost within the discussed period. You can borrow more money once the repayment of the first loan is done. These short-term loans are ideal for the cause of your business and they play a major role in helping you start a new business or expand the already existing one. In other words, short term business finance is one of the most important means of obtaining timely finance for the important purpose of omitting all the immediate business needs.

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