Spending habits of salaried professionals

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By Author: Trishya

According to Associate in Nursing ICICI European 2015 study, millennials have virtually sixty nine p.c of income-expenditure magnitude relation, which implies they pay sixty nine p.c of their financial gain monthly. apparently, the study discovered that the millennials pay simply five p.c of their monthly financial gain on health and medical wants.

The expenditure on family, livelihood, and EMIs account for fifty p.c of the earnings, same the study.

Millennials expenditure largely contains of short goals similarly as few long goals. As instant gratification is additional wanted, their expenditure might typically outweigh their financial gain
Because we tend to all grasp expenses ar inevitable. however what you are doing not fathom is that the EMI free loans out there by new disposition platforms within the market.

What is the solution to this habit of spending?

The answer is what is EMI Free Loan


1. To Pay off an existing Debt

2. Medical Emergencies

3. Relocating costs

4. Car Repairs

5. Renovation of the Home, etc


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