What Are The Problems In Selling Your Own Home?

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By Author: Rick Lopez


Real estate agent commissions – in most places, costs anywhere between 5 and 7% of the home price to the seller. Thus, many home owners prefer to sell their home on their own in order to save on expenses. When you try to sell your own home, these are some of the problems you can experience.

Lack of marketing experience

This is of course, the biggest problem that you can face with DIY home sales efforts.

Starting from MLS listings in Ontario to flyers, classified ads and other methods, realtors leave no stone unturned to get a property sold off fast. They also have a huge network comprising of other realtors that proves to be very useful in home sales and purchases.

Poor knowledge of real estate laws

A lack of knowledge in relevant property laws comes in the way of real estate transactions. However, when it comes to home inspection, showings, advertising and of course, documentation and paperwork, you need to be on the right side of the law to prevent any issues in the future. Even the smallest mistake can get you sued. Thus, enlisting the services of a professional realtor can be a better idea.


Right from writing classifieds to organizing home showings, there are many hassles related to the home selling process. With the assistance of sell my home fast realtors all these hassles can be reduced for you. They can also negotiate with the buyers and ensure that you can get the highest sales price.


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